The right financial advice should always consider your distinct career in medicine. Are you getting physician-focused advice? Discover the difference it can make.

Seventy-four per cent of Canadian physicians say COVID-19 has impacted their personal financial situation, and many don’t foresee workloads returning to normal in the near future.1

There are significant financial pressures on the entire physician community. Early retirement has been a consideration for some further along in their careers, while reduced workloads, virtual-care billing and taxes are a concern for many others. Underemployment remains a worry for new graduates facing limited opportunities.

We understand the unique financial challenges you’re facing — and we can help. With workload and income disruptions, along with the potential for a second COVID-19 wave, it’s more important than ever for you to get the right physician-focused advice to uncover unique planning opportunities to support your family’s financial goals, now and in the future.

You provide specialized advice. So do we.

We provide financial advice for your household that reflects the specifics of your life and career as a physician. Here are a few examples of how we can help:

  • Minimize the impact of practice changes — Help reduce the impact of income changes on your long-term goals by adjusting financial planning inputs where necessary.
  • Adjust for income changes — Assess the impact of billing changes over the short, medium and long term, and help adjust remuneration and investing strategies to minimize tax and preserve capital.
  • Minimize taxes — Navigate tax programs and deductions available to you and ensure you adjust tax-planning strategies to reflect what has happened this year.
  • Protect your family — Build or replenish emergency funds, help determine how much insurance you may need in the event of illness or death, and plan for the tax-efficient transfer of your estate
  • Take advantage of support measures — Provide guidance on the government support (Canada Emergency Response Benefit, Canada Emergency Business Account) available to physicians and their families.

Get the right advice. Get physician-focused advice.

We’re confident that we understand the unique financial needs of your household, and how the current environment has changed things, better than anyone else. Here’s why:


50+ years
serving Canadian physicians' unique financial needs


75,000+ hours
spent by MD Advisors2 with physicians on average each year3


39,000+ physicians
across Canada already trust MD with their finances4

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